About us

Company introduction

Qingdao Jingmu New Material Technology Co., Ltd. (English: JM for short) is a scientific and technological enterprise engaged in the design, R & D, sales and production of liquid crystal, pharmaceutical intermediates, OLED intermediates and optoelectronic new materials. It is committed to the product technology development, product technology service and product patent design of new materials. The company mainly focuses on liquid crystal additives, biphenol, biphenylcyanide, diphenylfluoroether, biphenyls, naphthalene, fluorene, anthracene, carbazole, triazine, fused ring, furan, dibenzofuran, benzofuran, thiophene, dibenzothiophene and benzothiophene derivatives. 

The company adheres to the enterprise mission of "innovation, innovation, serving users in the electronic material industry with scientific and technological achievements, and realizing" sustainable development "with good material performance and high-quality service. Through the diligent efforts of each of our employees, we can realize the continuous cooperation of mutual benefit and win-win with customers. We hope that each of our products can bring maximum value to customers and each product service can bring more satisfaction to customers.

Professional Technology

Talent training and internal and external cooperation in different professional fields

Industry Cooperation

Established extensive technical cooperation with universities and research institutes

Innovative Service

with good material performance and high-quality service.

The strength of the company

It is committed to liquid crystal and its electronic material intermediates, halogenated compounds, secondary amines, organic boric acid and liquid crystal single crystals, As well as the research, development and sales of OLED rough products, the company attaches great importance to talent training and internal and external cooperation in different professional fields, employs and establishes an expert consultant team in the spirit of the Internet, and has established extensive technical cooperation and mutual assistance cooperation in product production and sales with many well-known universities and research institutes in Shandong and elite enterprises in the industry, which has strong development potential.

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